Authoring an intentional story of health~


‘Portrait of awareness’, in collaboration with artist Jayne Baron

My journey as a a creative healer recovering from  temporary quadriplegia, a consequence of Guillain-Barre’ , a demyelinating disease of the peripheral nervous system, required a higher level of awareness.  Fifteen years of yogic and meditation practice was vital in revealing and relieving the mental and physical story that I witnessed as pain and suffering. My purpose as a therapist & singer/songwriter is to allow others to create an awareness of health in their being and allow a new song or story to flow from and through creative application.

About ten years ago I returned to the Pacific NW to take respite from my graduate psychology program and heal from the autoimmune disease I contracted in 1996, prior to my continuing education. Temporarily residing with my family on Lummi Island, I envisioned a mind/body integrative practice in Bellingham that centered around creative therapy. Today, as a clinician and musician, I can offer this workshop and practice.

Focus of workshop~ Increase awareness using a mind/body integrative practice of:

  • Resolution- of past dysfunctional stories.
  • Recognition of holding energy through posture and expression.
  • Creating Intentional boundaries.
  • Vibratory and movement work.
  • Authoring an ntentional story of healing

Portrait/diagram has been successful in assisting patients/clients with the conceptualization, self assessment, monitoring and planning for a balanced, mind/body integrative healing practice. In this light, I use it as a  guide for authoring an intentional, healthier life story.

Directed towards~

  • Creative healers
  • Emotional/physical symptomotology
  • Depression/anxiety/PTSD/ADD
  • Pain management
  • Medical issues
  • Mental/physical health


To use our mental/physical gifts to understand and resolve the stories that we carry in our mind/body. To integrate this awareness into our life using intentionalilty and treat our ailments with love…