Love Pirate


I have written many short stories on my path, recording a journey to be sung for the soul. This, however, is a longer tale..

Today the title appeared, as I looked across Lake Padden. Emblazoned upon the farther shore, the uniting of two words to begin to explain a journey of connection and desire. I had text-ed my dear friend today these words, “I just realized, I don’t need to be a pirate.” It occurred to me, I have pirated time and space to create my own healing, ever since my body was taken captive by illness, in 1996. It is 2016, Winter is setting in around the lake, as it is late November. 

I am listening to Billy Holiday’s, Lady Satin. I am peaceful, all is well-in here. Out there, woe and whoa! We have extreme, bipolar, psychosis level chaos, chaos that consumes the mind. It is “the order of the day, night, break-time, order of the-pause!” As inhabitants of this planet, we have had to create some intense mental training regimens to get through this crazy world, to help us acclimate to extreme levels of consumerism. I am living in Bellingham, WA , a Northwestern state in the US. Here people have the time and space to be compassionate, to themselves, to others- meditations, yoga’s, rhythmic dance, somatic guidance, drumming, music, mind/body integrative practices, intentional and amalgamating, such healing possibilities!

As I write, I acknowledge the majority of the world lacks this “beyond survival mode opportunity,” So perhaps we ought to use our time wisely. We know of masterful politicians and corporate minions, and vice versa, who aim to manipulate, stall and cripple our mental process. Selling to the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds a two bit, star lit, media caricature. Many here in Bellingham have the DT’s, the symptoms are suspiciously similar to delirium tremens, both dysfunctional states brought on by over-excess. Mind/bodies caught on toxic levels, needing a fix of something new, old, near, far, anything, everything. Haunting, really! 

I find that I am overly sensitized by the big stores, storage warehouses, politicians, minions, media. It all pulls me rapidly from my awareness, from my balance, my spirit guide and my healing. Can I afford to part with that? As a mind/body integrative therapist, I rely upon my ability to know myself in order to creatively assist others. As a musician, I celebrate my ability to know myself and tune into my strength of expression. No! I, therefore, must work to maintain a balanced lifestyle and create the potential for a higher awareness and continue my healing. My next question. of an intimate nature, is can you? 

Robert M. Hutchings, MS

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