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I believe that we have an obligation to live at our human potential, in harmony with our nature. As part and process of our environment, we can realize holistic change.

Rob Hutchings, Bellingham

Rob Hutchings

My private therapy practice is located within Village Family Health, located in Fairhaven, at 910 Harris Ave, Suite 102, Bellingham, WA. An amalgamation of my experience as a therapist and musician, the purpose of my work is to assist patients/clients in the resolution of their past ‘addictive story’ that is told as ‘illness,’ hardwired into the neural networking of the brain and thus, imprinted within the mind.

Through the use of a clinical systems approach, creative expression and application, I facilitate mind/body integration and awareness. I offer adult and adolescent, individual therapy and present workshops that focus on the creation and awareness of a new vibratory story.

Born in Bristol England in 1966, I emigrated to the United States at the age of two and lived my formative years in the Seattle area. Of Welsh descent and driven by an innate longing for the wilderness, I spent much of my youth in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. At the age of seventeen, I found myself in the Big Sky Country of Montana, where I began my college education within reach of the mountain wilderness. Grasping onto a way of life beneath the Northern Rockies, I was drawn into a rugged outdoor lifestyle. I soon began playing guitar, balancing the structure of formal education with a picking style and rhythm that I discovered in nature. As an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoyed Montana’s back country and opted for the challenges found in its natural solitude. Hiking, climbing, rafting, skiing, and mountain biking brought me further into the wilderness, where a sacred unity taught me love and respect for the natural environment.

Following travel abroad and a bout with Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome  (an autoimmune disease that caused temporary paralysis), in 1997 I moved to the central coast of California, to rehabilitate and reconnect. My healing began with my entrance into graduate school at California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, where I educated myself in clinical psychology. As my introspective abilities and self-awareness increased, my physical and mental challenges became more apparent, thus experiencing residual physical paralysis, chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of my peripheral neuropathy, and escape the self defeating story of illness and perpetuating social stigma, I began to write poetry, which I later accompanied with guitar.

Upon the completion of graduate school, while still searching for greater inner connection and healing, I directed my education towards the Eastern mind/body integrative practices of yoga and meditation. Using these practices as alternatives to prescription pain medication and psychopharmaceuticals, I slowly regained my physical and mental abilities. Through mind/body integrative activities, such as surfing and mountain biking, I began a healing relationship with the natural environment. I further experienced physical and mental rehabilitation, while working as a tradesman for Vintage Properties, a commercial real estate management company in San Luis Obspo, CA.

Applying guitar and vocals to my poetry, I began performing my music around the Central Coast of California.  As a musician, I witnessed the benefit of mind/body integration and began conceptualizing a clinical practice utilizing creative application. Recognizing the strength of intentional expression and witnessing the healing potential in creative application, I began a journey to create a new story.

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Bellingham, WA offers a creative and open-minded community
sustained by a dynamic and plentiful oceanic ecosystem.
Fed by the mountains, this is an area that inspires awareness… of our natural being.

Mount Baker, Washington

Mount Baker, Washington