Clinical Therapy

Rob Hutchings, MS psychology, LMHCA # MC 60421362

360.734.2131 for appointment (M-T-Th-F, 9-5:30; or W, 9-1)
Private practice: Village Family Medical Clinic, 910 Harris Ave, Ste 102, Bellingham, WA 98225

The purpose of my therapy is to help you create a level of awareness in your mind/body that will ensure the creative freedom for you to live within a balanced and intentional life environment, allowing movement toward your potential.


Sliding scale $45-95 per hour

  • Clinical systems based practice
  • Mind/body integrative therapy
  • Awareness
  • Healing through creative application
  • Authoring an intentional story

Specializing in medical illness, pain management, injury, neuropathy, autoimmune disorders, Guillain Barre’ syndrome, trauma, PTSD and related emotional and physical symptomatology.

My vision is to create a clinical practice that will provide adult and adolescent populations a safe and dynamic environment in which to create mental and physical health, while continuing to maintain and develop my own awareness and healthy lifestyle. Providing this therapy model within Village Family Health is advantageous to both the patient/client and the practitioners, as it provides a holistic model of intentional healing, and sets a precedent based on wellness, guiding us away from the stigma and victim role often associated with illness.

My mission is to provide the patient with an opportunity for greater mental and physical healing through awareness, mind/body integrative practices, resolution of past victimization, and a trusting environment to create a new story of intention. Using a diverse systemic approach and creative application, I will assist the individual in creating and maintaining a balanced life that will promote inner awareness and intention.

While working the past three years as a therapist in  community mental health systems, I witnessed a commonly accepted, passive and disempowering story of illness, governed by an archaic medical model. My response was to design a practice focused on resolution and intention, it is a melding of my experience as a therapist, musician and illness survivor.

My clinical therapy practice embodies my journey of recovery from a diagnosis of Guillain Barre’ Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, which I received in February 1996, after returning from travel in Europe and Asia. Following my release from St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, MT, I applied to graduate school in clinical psychology at California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo. Having a BA in psychology and previously taken graduate, non-degree psychology courses at the University of Montana, I had, perhaps inadvertently, laid the foundation for my healing. Following a rigorous initial interview, I began my Master’s program in September of 1997. With a hands-on approach to psychotherapy, California Polytechnic provided a psychology graduate program based on a family systems therapeutic orientation, and offered MFT accreditation.  

As a therapist with an MS in clinical psychology, my following employment within nonprofits, government agencies and the community mental health system, provided the knowledge and practice that freed me from a survivor mentality.